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Master Forge Smoker

The Small Upright Canister Model #CBS1101L

The Master Forge Smoker is the new store brand of charcoal smoker sold by the national chain Lowes. It is an upright canister design and is a charcoal only model. It is smaller and more portable than the larger barrel smokers. This makes it a great smoker for the first time griller. The retail price of $59 makes it an affordable alternative to the larger models.

The 2 adjustable chrome grates have a cooking area of 376 square inches which allows it to handle 60 pounds of meat. The door is on the mid-section and has a wire handle which insulates from the heat. From here you can access the porcelain coated water pan and charcoal pan adding charcoal and wood chips as needed.

There are metal and wood handles on each side which insulates it from the heat. The dome lid on top has a built in heat thermometer and insulated wood and metal handle. The thermometer is marked with color zones for warm, smoking and barbeque. The baked enamel steel smoker sits on an aluminized steel base. The entire unit locks together for ease of transportation.

What make this Master Forge Smoker great is that it is multifunction. You can grill, roast and steam as well as smoke. It also breaks down and can be set up as a tabletop charcoal grill.

There is also an electric version of this charcoal smoker. It uses a 1600 watt adjustable heating element. It has a variable temperature control on the cord near the smoker.

The Master Forge Double Door Liquid Propane Gas Smoker

This Master Forge Smoker is another example of Vertical smoker grill. The 4 12” X 12” adjustable cooking racks provide 784 square inches of cooking area. It is heated by a 15,000 BTU cast iron burner. The upper door gives you access to the 4 cooking grates and is also where the temperature gauge is located. The bottom door gives you access to the wood chip pan, water tray above the burner. Both doors lock shut for safety.

There are air dampers on the bottom side of the unit to adjust the air flow for optimum cooking temperature. Two insulated handles on either side make it easy to move. A dampered smokestack will be found on the very top of the smoker. The control for the gas is on the bottom front. It sits on 4 metal legs mounted at an angle for stability. It comes in at $149 at Lowes.

Whichever Master Forge Smoker you choose you can be assured of a great smoking experience; The Master Forge Charcoal smoker for low price and portability; the propane gas smoker for a larger amount of cooking area and no charcoal ash cleanup.